Last night, I was walking on the path around Crossan Park in Landenberg, and the worms were out all over the path.  Feel free to comment if my science is wrong, but I believe what happens is that the ground gets too saturated with water, that the worms have to come out.

It made me wonder:  is it always true that you can have too much of a good thing?  Is there anything you can’t ever have too much of?

Can you have too much love?

Only if you try and keep it to yourself.  After Easter and after Jesus’ ascension in heaven, we see this huge explosion in the size of the movement of people following Jesus.  I think it is because the disciples finally comprehend the volume of God’s love for them, and the outlet for that love, they recognize is other people.  They had gone underground after Jesus’s crucifixion, but now filled to overflowing with his love, they go out and cross paths with the world, to share that love and share themselves.

How filled do you feel?  Is it time to cross paths with us?

Here’s what going on at Oxford United Methodist Church this week:

Wednesday:  Spirit Bells at 4pm      Band at 4:40pm   Pizza with the neighbors at 5:20pm   Quarter Ringers at 5:45pm   Senior Choir at 7:30pm

Sunday:   8:30 – Informal worship service, with Communion     9:45 – Sunday School for all ages, including adults.    10:55 – Traditional worship    6:30 – Youth Group (we’ll be playing Ga Ga this week!)

18 Addison Street, Oxford, PA 19363