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Family Promise

Many years ago, we were living the American Dream:  two cars, the brand-new house in the suburbs, two kids, etc.  Except, the American Dream came with a lot of debt.  So much so that we were several months behind on our mortgage.  We were still paying a mortgage payment every month, but we weren’t getting caught up.

Finally, we were late again, and we got the letter:  get caught up, or else.  We didn’t know what to do:  we met with a credit counselor provided by the bank, and we met with a financial advisor we knew through church.  There didn’t seem to be any option that didn’t involve losing our house, and hoping that we could find a place to rent that would let us keep our cats and dogs.

When we told my mother our problems, she suggested we talk to my Uncle Vin – it turned out we actually had a rich uncle like they always talk about in movies and books!  He loaned us the money to get caught up, and we made regular payments to him until he was paid back.  So we were blessed to keep our home, and not have to make any hard choices.

Many people are not so blessed.  They don’t have an Uncle Vin, and a job loss, a car accident, a medical emergency is all that it takes to leave them without a home, without the stability of having a place of their own.

This month Oxford United Methodist Church begins partnering with other faith communities in Southern Chester County to host families that are experiencing homelessness and help them find their way back to stable housing.  The name of the program is Family Promise.  We are thankful to be able to provide hospitality and hope to children and their families in a season of struggle in their lives.

If you would like to be one of our volunteers for the program, please contact us.  If you want to know more about the program as it works across Southern Chester County, please visit

Family Promise of Southern Chester County