Who Are We In Oxford, Then?

You might be visiting our site this week to learn more about the Chocolate Festival, or you might be visiting to find out more about us, because the United Methodist Church has been in the news this week, and you’re wondering how we feel about what happened and our special General Conference.

Many of us were hoping for a Pentecost moment, where the Holy Spirit would descend upon the delegates, bringing a moment of clarity to the church. That didn’t happen, so we are left to wrestle with the work of those nearly 900 delegates from around the world, and the outcome.

While it is unclear where the Church with a capital C is headed, our little church here in Oxford is still looking to worship God and love our neighbors in all that we do, and welcoming everyone to join us in all the things that go on here. Jesus Christ lived and died and lives again for everyone, and we believe the church is here for everyone as well. Even as we disagree on what that looks like.

If what happened in St. Louis makes it hard for you to come to our particular church, fine. But don’t let something that happened far away among strangers keep you from connecting with some other group of believers in your town. We are made for community, Christ is found in community, and you will find joy in community. God loves you where you are and as you are.

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