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Welcome, to Oxford United Methodist Church

18 Addison Street, Oxford, PA 19363   610-932-9698

Thanks for stopping by to take a look around.  The website is still in its infant stage, but there are links to crafter information, and to giving to the church online.  Here’s a current schedule for upcoming events:

Tuesday, May 19:  Finance Committee at 7:00pm

Harvest Fair Planning Meeting at 7:30pm

Wednesday, May 20:  Missions Committee at 6:30pm

Senior Choir at 7:30pm

Thursday, May 21:  Softball Game at 6:30pm (at Harmony Park)

Friday, May 22:  Breakfast Prep at 9:00am

Saturday, May 23:  Buffet Breakfast from 7-10am (Adults- $6, Kids 3-10 – $3, Under 3 – Free)

Sunday, May 24:  Informal Worship, with Holy Communion

at   8:30am

Sunday School for all ages at 9:45am

Traditional Worship at 10:55am

Behold, The Pastor Is Making All Things New(er)!

If you look to your left, you’ll see the promised website updates happened sooner than expected.  There is some crafter information available for the Harvest Fair, and a donation button for you to give to God through the church.

(But, Pastor, can the site look, you know, a little nicer?  Like with pictures, and stuff?)

That’s next, I hope.

In the meantime, let’s give our praise to the One who truly makes all things new, the One who makes it possible to start each day with hope for ourselves, for those we love, for our relationships with one another.  Let us give thanks and praise this day to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

No one came to this page today without some brokenness, even if you’re having a great day.  Jesus Christ offers healing to you, that you might be made whole, that you might share the wholeness of his love with others.

So, pray this prayer:  Great God of Heaven and Earth, I thank you for this day, and every day you give me to enjoy your creation, and to discover your Son within all those I encounter.  I confess that I am often blinded by my fears to that love you offer.  I have allowed my fears to box me in, and I have bruised myself, crashing into the walls I have created.  Free me, God, for joyful obedience.  May the power of your Son’s love bring new life where I only see death.  And by your Spirit guide me to places of real joy and real fellowship.  Amen.

So, here’s what’s on tap for you at OUMC:

Thursday, May 7 at 7:00pm:  We are hosting the National Day of Prayer Service in our Fellowship Hall.

Friday, May 8 at 6:30pm:   Softball game at the A.A. fields.

Saturday, May 9 from 10am to 2pm:  Matthew Terry is having a fundraiser for his American Music Abroad trip.  A silent auction of jewelry and some other items, plus several vendors will be there, with a portion of their proceeds going to Matthew’s trip.

Saturday, May 9:  Youth Spaghetti Dinner is POSTPONED.

Sunday, May 10 at 8:30am:  Informal worship with Holy Communion

Sunday, May 10 at 9:45am:  Sunday School for all ages.

Sunday, May 10 at 10:55am:  Traditional Worship beginning with our monthly hymn sing, and featuring our Spirit Bells and our OUMC Band.

Monday,  May 11 at 6:30pm:   Softball game at the A.A. fields.

Tuesday, May 12 at 6:30pm :  Mother-Daughter Banquet


At Oxford United Methodist Church, this Saturday is SUPER SATURDAY!

This means a fantastic plant sale, yard sale and chicken barbecue.

If you would like space in our parking lot for the yard sale, please call the church office.  Space is free, and tables are available to rent for $10

The chicken barbecue usually sells out, so make sure to get your tickets early by calling the church office.

And the selection of plants, including hanging baskets, and special Mother’s Day arrangements will be incredible as usual.

Oxford United Methodist Church

18 Addison Street, Oxford PA 19363


On Sunday mornings, we have:

Informal Worship with Holy Communion every week at 8:30am

Sunday School for all ages (including adult) at 9:45am

Traditional Worship, with Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month at 10:55am

Peace Be With You

Welcome to Oxford UMC’s new website.  Bells and whistles are on their way.  In the meantime, come meet us in person!

Oxford United Methodist Church – 18 Addison Street, Oxford, PA 19363



Sunday Schedule for April 26:

Informal Worship at 8:30am, with Holy Communion

Sunday School for all ages at 9:45am

Traditional Worship at 10:55am – Children’s choir will be singing!

Our guest preacher at both services will be Jere Worrell, Christ Servant Minister from Church of the Open Door in Kennett Square.



Last night, I was walking on the path around Crossan Park in Landenberg, and the worms were out all over the path.  Feel free to comment if my science is wrong, but I believe what happens is that the ground gets too saturated with water, that the worms have to come out.

It made me wonder:  is it always true that you can have too much of a good thing?  Is there anything you can’t ever have too much of?

Can you have too much love?

Only if you try and keep it to yourself.  After Easter and after Jesus’ ascension in heaven, we see this huge explosion in the size of the movement of people following Jesus.  I think it is because the disciples finally comprehend the volume of God’s love for them, and the outlet for that love, they recognize is other people.  They had gone underground after Jesus’s crucifixion, but now filled to overflowing with his love, they go out and cross paths with the world, to share that love and share themselves.

How filled do you feel?  Is it time to cross paths with us?

Here’s what going on at Oxford United Methodist Church this week:

Wednesday:  Spirit Bells at 4pm      Band at 4:40pm   Pizza with the neighbors at 5:20pm   Quarter Ringers at 5:45pm   Senior Choir at 7:30pm

Sunday:   8:30 – Informal worship service, with Communion     9:45 – Sunday School for all ages, including adults.    10:55 – Traditional worship    6:30 – Youth Group (we’ll be playing Ga Ga this week!)

18 Addison Street, Oxford, PA 19363